Abstraction Licensing

  • New licence applications
  • Licence Renewals, Variations and Trades
  • Hydrological Assessments
  • Abstraction Intake Design (Weirs, Sumps and Pumps)
  • Long Duration Licence Applications
  • Recovering ‘Lost’ Licences
  • Licence Appeals, Expert Witness

Data and Technical Services

  • Groundwater Level Monitoring
  • Salinity and Water Quality Monitoring
  • Groundwater Investigation Consents
  • Water Features Surveys
  • Pumping Tests and Hydrological Impact Assessments
  • Groundwater Model Interpretation
  • Flow Gauging; Thin Plate Weirs, Spot Gauging, Area Velocity Meters
  • Pumping Tests


  • River Restoration
  • Wetland and Wildlife Habitat Creation
  • Natural Flood Management
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge
  • Flood Risk and Land Drainage Consent Applications
  • Constructed Wetlands and Reedbed Treatment Systems
  • Water Management Grants

Project Management

  • Whole Farm Abstraction Strategy Planning
  • Contractor Provision and Management
  • Negotiation with Statutory Bodies
  • Abstraction Compliance Management
  • Abstraction Licence Review and Risk Analysis
  • Grant Applications